With the move to cloud, the health of the network and internet connection has never been more important than it is today. What are you doing to monitor it?

Easy to Deploy

We set out with the goal of making a solution that was not just powerful but also easy to use. Too many monitoring solutions are unnecessarily complex, which leads to long setup times, a lot of noise, and, eventually, ineffective monitoring as a result.

Easy to Manage

Manage your client's network devices without opening ports in the firewall, using one of their machines inside the location, or rolling a truck.

DHCP Compatible

We know that many networks are primarily DHCP so any system that alerts when an IP changes creates false positives. Cenersys uses MAC addresses to avoid this and makes monitoring a cinch.

More Features

Easy Access to All Network Devices

Securely access your client's network devices remotely and without the need for a VPN.

Smart Alerts

With Cenersys alerts get correlated so that only the most urgent alert per device is displayed. Alerts are self healing so if the device is no longer in an alert state the alert is closed automatically.

Managed From The Cloud

You get access to all of your managed networks through the cloud so there is no server to setup. Just deploy the device at your clients location and you will see it in your cloud dashboard in minutes.

Access to network Diagnostic Tools

Access network tools from a device that is plugged directly into the switch or router to make diagnosing issues a breeze.

Provide DNS and Dynamic DNS

Give your clients an alternative DNS server with dynamic DNS so that they can access resources from inside or outside their network with ease.

Easily Visualize Your Entire Network

Sometimes problems aren't easy to spot unless you can see what is happening across the entire network. Cenersys gives you the visibility to see how issues effect all the devices on the network at a glance.

We get the MSP Market

Why MSPs Want to Work With Us

  • MSP Pricing

    Flexible pricing options which allow plenty of margin.

  • Designed With MSPs in Mind

    Works in highly distributed environments and without the need to manage complex infrastructure.

  • A Team of Industry Experts

    Cenersys is owned and designed by a core team that has been in the MSP space for over 10 years. We get your business and your needs.

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